How to find the suitable Casio watch strap easily

2023-03-24 14:13:00

Original Casio Watch Straps

Here you can find instructions for Casio straps made of resin, leather, textile material, velcro, stainless steel and titan.
The complete overview is available here Casio replacement watch straps.


How to find the right Casio watch strap

To find the number of your wristwatch, please look at the back of your watch case. This photo should exemplify the composition of Casio model numbers (in this case G-9000). (The module number made up of four numerals, in this case „3031“, is not relevant to choose a replacement strap.)
The model number is essential to find the right original watch strap, since Casio watches generally have either a rounded fitting or a special one

Case back from a Casio G-9000

You can then enter the model number of your watch in the search mask and obtain an overview of all relevant results.


After the model number you can often find an additional letter, for example „T“ (Titan) or „L“ (Leather), followed by another hyphen and a numeral, which designates the colour of the watch case or of the watch strap, for instance:  „1“ (black) or „2“ (blue)

An example of a model (WV-58)
WV-58E-1 -> Watch with black rubber (resin) strap
WV-58E-2 -> Watch with blue rubber (resin) strap

In our articles, the material and the colour are generally listed beside the model number. The straps can be made of leather, titan, stainless steel, rubber (resin) or textile material. If the strap has a special fastening (for example Velcro), this feature can be found in the title. If, for instance, you are looking for the resin strap for WV-58, you only need to enter this number in the search mask and then you will only have to choose the appropriate colour.


Casio Original watch strap .... compatible with .....

Even if the strap for your watch model should not be produced any longer, Casio offers for some models an alternative, that is another watch strap belonging to a different model. In this case, the watch straps whose production has been discontinued are listed in the alternative product description under „compatible with“. So you can often find an original Casio strap even after years.


How to change / replace a Casio watch strap

If you want to replace a Casio watch strap (for instance a metal bracelet with a resin strap or the other way round), Casio is one of the few manufacturers who allow this and make an effortless change possible.

If you plan to do so, please read the article's description carefully: if such a replacement is possible, it will be in the text. There you will also find links to the small components needed to replace the strap, especially suitable spring bars or screws, tubes and Cover-/Endpieces for metal bracelets.

Also if you wish to replace the original strap with a resin one you often need appropriate small parts and endlinks, which you will find in the article's description as well. We have already gathered the necessary parts as a complete set, so that you will only need an extra item to change the strap of your watch. Some watch models allow the replacement of the resin (rubber) watch strap with a textile strap and vice versa. Many customers, in fact, prefer the high wearing comfort of a Velcro strap. The replacement is possible with adapters.


Accessories: Spring Bars, End Links, Cover-/Endpieces, Screws, etc. for Casio Watch Straps

You can often find the small parts necessary to replace the straps also in the section named „Accessories“, along with screws, spring bars, bezels, adapters and original Casio small parts. If the section „Accessories“ does not appear under the article's description, then there are no further items in our shop which are relevant for/to the selected article. This might be the case, for example, if the spring bars are already included in the delivery.


Scope of Delivery – Casio Watch Straps

If Casio delivers spring bars, screws or rounded fittings with its replacement straps, this is indicated in the article's description – for example: "Spring bars are part of the delivery"

If spring bars are not included in the delivery, you can either re-use your original ones or order our universal spring bars. Please note that the strap width is not the same as the lug width, because of the special fittings of Casio wristwatches. Therefore, please pay attention to the lug width of your watch before placing an order. If we quote the original spring bars for your model, you will find them in the section „Accessories“ or in the article's description. This way you can find all relevant items quickly. In some models by Casio the watch strap is screwed to the watch: in this case you will find the screws in the Accessories directly under the selected watch strap. Without having to look for a long time, you can open the item's description by clicking on the corresponding link in the „Accessories“ section and then put the article in your basket. Through our search mask you can of course find all accessories relevant for your model number as well. You can also buy every replacement separately: you necessarily need them only if you wish to change the kind of watch strap.


Basic Information about Casio Watch Straps

By entering your model number in our search mask (above right on our homepage), the list of all deliverable watch straps made of different materials, as well as all accessories and/or replacements for the refitting of your watch. It is possible to fit standard watch straps to your model only if this has a straight fitting – which is however seldom the case with Casio models. We quote straps by third-party suppliers only when the original watch strap by Casio is not produced any longer, when Casio provides no alternative and when a standard strap does not fit. This is clearly stated in the heading of the selected article as well as in its description. This is mainly the case with very old models, for which we have never received anything replacements. Only in this very rare case we quote straps that are not original. Brand watches and model descriptions are under trademark protection by the manufacturers and are merely used for the unequivocal identification of the original replacements.

All mentioned trade marks, trade names and service names are trademarked names and the property of the respective owners. They are used only for identification purposes.

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