Quick release Watch Strap

Watch straps with a quick-change spring bar can be mounted and dismounted within seconds. For this purpose, the strap has a small metal pin on the inside of the watch. This you only need to push inwards to loosen the band. As with standard spring bars, the quick change spring bar also has an internal spring. Further we recommend the use of our feature filters. You can filter by the band you are looking for on the watch, color or material. This will help you quickly find the watch band you want to buy. Of course, you can also use the filter function to browse extensively in our range.

Removing and fitting a quick release strap

The two pictures below illustrate how to change a quick-release strap. Other names are Easy-Click strap, Quick fitting watch strap or watch strap with quick-release spring bars.

Quick-change strap
Fitting the quick-change strap

To remove a watch strap with quick-release spring bars, slide the small pin on the back of the strap to the left and pull the end downwards. To reassemble, place the pin on the hole on the watch horn. Then slide the pin to the right side of the strap and insert it between the horns of the watch. Now you can release the pin again. Finally, move the strap slightly back and forth until the pin clicks into place.

What are the advantages?

  • The straps can be changed quickly.
  • No tools are required to change the strap.
  • They can also be converted to normal spring bars.
  • The quick-change spring bar can be easily removed.
  • The quick-release fastener makes it easy to adapt the strap to your outfit.

What materials do we offer?

Here you will find watch straps made of leather in various designs such as smooth leather, embossed leather and of course the classic grained leather strap. We also have silicone rubber straps in this category. These straps are recommended for all water lovers and for sweaty activities, as they cannot absorb moisture and are 100% waterproof.