How to adjust a Titan / Metal Watch Band

How to adjust a Titan / Metal Watch Band

Here you can find instructions to shorten titan and other metal bracelets available in our shop.

1) Put a pin in the rounded opening on the back of the watch band (see Photo 1).
2) Carefully push the L-shaped pin holding two links together in the direction of the arrow (see photos 2 and 3).
3) Repeat these operations again and remove all unnecessary links.
4) Recompose the strap by re-inserting the L-shaped pins.

If you wish to remove two links, for example, we recommend taking out one on each side of the clasp, so that the it remains centred on your wrist. Please repeat steps 1-4 on each side. This only applies if you want to take out more than one link. In this case, please remove the same number of links on each side.

The watch strap should be placed onto an anti-slip surface before adjusting its length. Please place it so that the arrows point away from you. This way you can avoid accidentally pricking yourself.

Keep the removed links: they might come in handy if one of the others gets scratched or unsightly and needs replacing.




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